Turning 65: What to Consider When Selecting a Medicare Plan

 Approaching age 65 can be an overwhelming time for many newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries. When can you begin to enroll? Which plans should you consider? What do you need to know?Here’s some information that can help.You have a seven-month window called the Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) to sign up for Medicare benefits, which begins three months prior to the month you’ll turn 65. You are first eligible to receive Medicare coverage at the start of your birthday month. If your current benefits end once you turn 65, it’s important to begin researching and comparing your Medicare options early to make sure there’s no gap in your coverage.There are several different types of Medicare plans available:* Medicare Part A (hospital) and Medicare Part B (medical)o Administered by the federal government, Original Medicare includes Parts A and B that provide hospital and medical coverage. For most people, Part A is free, so it’s important to evaluate your options as soon as you become eligib

BookTrib’s Bites: Loss, Lies, Betrayal, SciFi Thriller, Southern Saga

 All We Have to Believe In" by Jeffrey LousteauA captivating story of love and loss, of betrayal and redemption, set against the backdrop of America in the 1920s. Edward Dooley is a disillusioned veteran of the Great War who comes home to San Francisco, struggles to fit into a fast-changing society, and falls in love with the daughter of immigrants who is as headstrong as he is idealistic.Beneath all the glamour of the dazzling decade, however, xenophobia is taking hold, prosperity is undone by greed, and Prohibition proves morally bankrupt. Told with compassion and rich in historical detail, the themes of this story continue to resonate today. Says one reviewer, "Will pull at your heartstrings and make you nostalgic about an era long forgotten."Could you perpetuate a devastating lie and never reveal the truth to your daughter? Louie plans to.Could you withhold a shocking secret from your new spouse? Suzie plans to.Catastrophe occurs after a quiet Midwestern family recei

12T Model

  Seride mavi, siyah ve gümüş olmak üzere üç farklı renk seçeneği kullanıcılara sunulacak. Öte yandan küresel pazarlara  Xiaomi 12T  olarak gelecekler. Bunun yanı sıra Çin’de ise  Redmi K50 S ve 50S Pro isimleriyle satışa çıkacaklar. Xiaomi 12T  modelinde  1.5K  çözünürlüklü  6.67 inç  120Hz tazeleme hızı sunan OLED panelin kullanılması bekleniyor. Ayrıca  8 GB LPDDR5 RAM  ve  128/256 GB  depolamayla satışa çıkacak. Kamera tarafında da iddialı olan cihaz 108 Megapiksel Samsung ISOCELL HM6 ana, 8 Megapiksel Samsung S5K4H7 ultra geniş açı ve 2 Megapiksel makro sensörden oluşan üçlü kamera kuruluma sahip olacak. Önde de 20 Megapiksel çözünürlüğünde bir sensör bizleri bekliyor. Akıllı telefon, MediaTek Dimensity 8100 işlemcisinden güç alacak. 5 nm mimariye sahip yonga seti, dört adet 2.85 GHz ARM Cortex-A78 ve dört adet 2.0 GHz ARM Cortex-A55 çekirdeklerine ek olarak Mali-G610 MC6 grafik birimine ev sahipliği yapıyor. Peki siz bu konu hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz? Görüşlerinizi yorumlar kısm